What’s ‘Honobono Newsletter’?

It is a social networking service (SNS) which aims at making our society better, more comfortable and livable - SNS which will improve the quality of our life. C&C Club is working on the development of the SNS every day. C&C Club is a non-profit organization providing a good-quality elderly care and lifelong-learning courses in Chiba, Japan.

Nowadays there are lots of people who despair in the world. They say it’s no use claiming against the government. They say they can’t change anything, but now we have an advanced information technology. We have to make the best use of it. We need a SNS which aims only at our happiness not at making profit. Through the SNS, We will connect with each other for the genuine purpose of world peace and our real happiness. Then the global connection will make a big power to change the world. To connect with each other globally, we need a true SNS. I mean ‘true’ is ‘from a genuine purpose’, not ‘profit-making’.

How do we get happy?

One feels happy when he or she could make his or her talent best use of it and make others happy. One cannot live alone. One needs a community, but the community should not be too big. In a big community, one might depend on others and spoil his or her talent. The community should be small enough for everybody to play an important role and feel confident. Now our SNS ‘Honobono Newsletter’ has 16 communities, such as traditional Japanese dance community, Japanese calligraphy community, art & craft community, and so on.

To support these communities financially, C&C Club is providing a good-quality elderly care service to raise money. C&C also has been serving a networking system called ‘Friends Net’. When we do something to help others, we get gratuity. We donate the gratuity to the ‘Friends Net’. The raised money goes to a developing country to help people in need there.

EU is an European Union which the government created. It seems to have lots of problems. Whereas the union of small communities is not created by the government but by the citizens. We strongly believe that the ‘Honobono Newsletter’(SNS) will make a difference in the chaos of this world.

If you’re interested in ‘Honobono Newsletter’, please contact me!

Hirohisa Uwaya
E-mail Address:huwaya@kind.ocn.ne.jp